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DuChateau - Hardwood Flooring

DuChateau Hardwood Flooring

DuChateau hardwood flooring is produced by consummate craftsmen skilled in hand scraped distressed wood production. The company provides extraordinary flooring that is featured prestigiously at fine establishments like The Ritz Carlton, Augusta National Golf Club, Whole Foods and Saks Fifth Avenue.

With wide plank design, distinctive wood features and its environmentally friendly methods of harvesting product, Du Chateau makes an immediate statement in distinctive hardwood flooring.

A few of the collections crafted by DuChateau that SoCal Flooring and Carpet in San Diego is proud to feature:

  • The Vintage Remains Collection

    adores the aesthetic beauty of reclaimed timbers present in dismantled antique structures. With the combination of axe hatch marks and large woody knots that are distinctively treated and colored, we produce sophisticated, stylish floor that is rich in authentic character.

  • The Heritage Timber Edition

    emulates the look of reclaimed historical structures while preserving their elegance and integrity. Take pleasure from the unique charm of antique wood with cunningly distressed surface scrapes, nail holes, scratches, and notches that divulge the salvaged textures. The Heritage Timber Edition put forward unparalleled architectural quality together with the contemporary construction of FSC certified wood.

  • The Terra Collection

    blends impeccably with both traditional and contemporary interior designs. Its vibrant colors and detailed treatments convey the untouched landscape of the world’s enormous wilderness. From the lavish volcanic flows to the bare desert sand dunes, the Terra Collection is a state-of-the-art floor that are designed to accentuate the modern homes.

  • Hardwood Floors Du Chateau
    Hardwood Floors Du Chateau
    Hardwood Floors Du Chateau
    Hardwood Floors Du Chateau
    Hardwood Floors Du Chateau