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In-Home Consulatation - SoCal Flooring and Carpet

We Bring The Flooring Showroom To You!

SoCal Flooring and Carpet offers a free in-home consultation in San Diego to help ease the challenges to deciding what your best options in floor covering are.

In-Home Consultation - Flooring RenovationWe know firsthand that when you renovate the flooring in even one room in your home, you are presented with a lot of various factors to consider. The more rooms you’re planning to renovate, the more concepts you are going to juggle. Going to a carpet and flooring store to look at samples not in your home or business can add extra effort and considerable time. We are a professional operation that has close to 20 years experience in the floor covering industry. We have seen it ALL and look forward to share our expertise with you to make your remodeling project much easier.

In-Home Consultation - Flooring SamplesAn in-home consultation can present choices regarding desired color, pattern, style and materials. If you’re not sure about which material; hardwood, tile or vinyl is the best fit for the home or office, or are having trouble in deciding whether the light from the hall window is best complimented by a pale green or a creamy beige carpet, SoCal Flooring and Carpet can offer excellent suggestions for you to consider. Whether if it seems to be a little too much or you have a good grasp on the situation and just need a few questions answered we are here to help.

In-Home Consultation - Flooring CustomersOur in-home consultation isn’t just limited to providing answering to questions about flooring and carpeting. Our consultant will measure out the space to be renovated to help ensure that you purchase the right amount of materials to save money overall on your project. In addition, we will provide a plan out renovation schedule, so that the installation does not interrupt your life any more than it absolutely has to. We gain immense satisfaction in knowing that our in-home consultation provides incredible value to the customer and project.

We provide outstanding service for our clients with their floor covering needs throughout San Diego. It would provide great satisfaction to easing your questions about deciding what flooring possibilities would aesthetically and functionally create the ideal look for your home or business while staying within budget.

Take the ‘first step’ to simplify your flooring remodeling efforts and contact SoCal Flooring and Carpet for an in-home consultation.